Requirements for Long-Term Volunteers

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AGE: 21 years or older
MARITAL STATUS: Single or married, but without dependents
HEALTH: Good Physical and mental health
LANGUAGE: Working knowledge of Spanish

What do Volunteers receive?

  • The opportunity to serve God’s needy children and elderly
  • The gift of a cross-cultural experience
  • Placement and support
  • Orientation Program
  • Food and Housing
  • Health insurance
  • Transportation to the site from orientation in San Antonio, Texas
  • Guidance and help with financial support
  • End of Experience Retreat
  • Transportation home after completion of service

What expenses do Volunteers incur?

  • Language school, if needed
  • Transportation to orientation site in San Antonio, Texas
  • Vacation and personal travel
  • Emergency leave

When does Volunteering begin?

The volunteer experience begins about August 1 and continues through July 31.

The Application Process

Request for Information:
A telephone interview with the Volunteer Coordinator of Mi Casa for Children and Elderly. An application packet is provided to the applicant.

Return of the Completed Application:
To be complete, your application must include the completed application form, an autobiography, and a recent photo.

Mi Casa will respond to all applications after review.

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