The Homes You Make Possible

The homes are located in Northern and Central Mexico in the states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Querétaro.

Chihuahua, Chuihuahua

  • La Granja Hogar cares for children whose families have abandoned or neglected them by providing an education and a safe home for them.

Saltillo, Coahuila

  • Asilo del Buen Pastor cares for young disadvantaged girls who have been abused and neglected, offering them a future of dignity in society.
  • Hogar de Niños cares for children whose parents are too poor to raise and support them.
  • Casa Hogar de los Pequeños cares for young boys from broken homes.
  • Aldea Infantil cares for young disadvantaged girls who have been neglected by their families, and offers them a loving home and quality education.

Linares, Nuevo León

  • Casa San José offers chronic care for elderly and severely handicapped adults who have no one to care for them.

Querétaro, Querétaro

  • El Oasis del Niño cares for children 4 months to 10 years old who have been abandoned or orphaned.
  • El Puente de Esperanza cares for youth offering them an opportunity to continue their education and pursue a career of their dreams.

San Ildelfonso, Querétaro

  • Obras de Catalina provides much needed educational support and nutrition to children in an isolated indigenous Otomí Indian village.

San Rafael, Nuevo León

  • Las Hermanas Franciscanas is a home that offers teenage and young adult girls the opportunity to attend high school and college, an opportunity that they are not able to get at home.

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