More Short-Term Volunteer Testimonials

More Short-Term Volunteers That Mi Casa Has Touched:

“I’ve been blessed, trips like this help me appreciate what has been given to me.  I just want to pass on whatever I can to help others.  What you do for others, you do for Him.  Thank you.”
Jesse Sandoval, San Antonio, Texas

“Serving a mission was a beautiful experience.  While serving others the Lord served me spiritually.  This experience will forever remain in my heart.”
Chanel Ashley, San Antonio, Texas

“I have just completed three trips to Mexico with Mi Casa and have enjoyed being a part of a team whose purpose is to serve others.  Completing the much needed projects and just being with the children has been a pleasurable experience.  I plan to go on these trips as long as I can.”
– Alicia Lopez Martinez, Carrizo Springs, Texas

“What a great experience and opportunity to share our blessings!  The home does wonderful things for the community; it is good that they got something back.  Great group!  Great talents.  What a bunch of wonderful missioners!”
– Homer Saenz, San Antonio, Texas

“I love to come on these mission trips for many reasons: satisfaction from completing many projects in one week, interacting with the children, and meeting and working with wonderful people.”
– Patricia Ponce, San Antonio, Texas

“It was a pleasure to see the mission sites and meet the directors, as well as see the children “in action”.  I feel privileged to have met and worked alongside such a great group of people who showed selflessness and loving kindness.  Thanks for a great trip!”
– Anonymous

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