Testimonials – Short-term Volunteers

Short-term volunteers Mi Casa has touched:

“Everyone is humble and extremely hospitable.  There is a self fulfilling satisfying feeling that is indescribable when you complete all of your projects. Donating your time for a good cause humbles you.  You can appreciate the little things in life a bit more. And of course, the food was delicious.”

– Gonzalo Gonzalez, San Antonio, Texas


“As always words are not enough to describe my experience on this trip. The work is exhausting but exhaustion doesn’t set in until after the work is done and we are home. Hearing the children’s laughter reminded me [of] why I continue to do these trips. The joy you see in [their] eyes as they see a project completed at what is their home makes all the work even more satisfying.”

– Delia Rodriguez, San Antonio, Texas


“I have been on ten or more trips and all of them are different. I give thanks to God that I have been able to do something for those that are in need. I think I will continue doing this while God allows me. I hope that someone else will do the same.”

– Effie Williams, San Antonio, Texas


Mark Gabby

“Looking back on the week I cannot think of a better way to experience the culture of Mexico than a mission trip.”

– Mark Gabby, Urbana, Illinois

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