Testimonials – Long-term Volunteers

Long-term Volunteers Mi Casa has touched:

Maribel and TJ

“I thought I was going to help others to understand God’s love and to help them come closer to Him during the time I was in Mexico, but my experience at the mission made me realize that it was the complete opposite; it was actually those who I served that brought me closer than I ever thought I would be to God.  Every person I met had an impact on me that I will never forget. I realized through my experience that the closer I get to God the more I look for Him.”

– Maribel Burdick, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“It took another language, another culture, and the abandonment of my own self to the children at the mission to merely graze the surface of the wonderful graces of servitude.  In a year, I learned more about my faith, my marriage, and the needs of God’s children than I previously thought possible.  Through this experience, I have been changed into a better husband, teacher, and friend.  I will be forever grateful to the Mi Casa and the work they are doing for the poor and abandoned youth and elderly of Mexico.”
TJ Burdick, Grand Rapids, Michigan


“I think it’s a relatively obvious statement when I say that Mexico changed me completely, but it’s true. I have never looked at the world in the way I look at it now. Spending a year as a mother, a teacher, a friend–all these things changed who I am and how I view the world today. My time in Mexico helped me become more compassionate, more empathetic, more involved in a different culture and a different way of life. I hope to carry the things that I learned this year with me always and to never forget those people and children who changed my life completely.”
– Jessica Ranweiler, Warminster, Pennsylvania


“In this life, the Lord calls all of us to strive for our own sanctity. He desires that we constantly work on acquiring the virtues of faith, hope, love, patience, understanding, etc., but the most important of these is love. In my service as a missioner, I was able to see this virtue practiced daily through the staff and the children themselves. By the giving freely of my love towards His children, God return His love to me through them.”

– Eric Ahern, Glendale, Arizona


“When I think back on my time as a missionary, I am really proud to have supported despairing families and cared for children who would have otherwise fallen through the cracks. As a house-parent, I took care of girls in kindergarten through sixth grade. It was a privilege to teach them about the world, God, and themselves and to encourage and empower them to try to live up to their full potential. I made steps towards my own full potential as well, by being pushed to grow in patience, flexibility and love.”
-Colleen Conway, Madison, Wisconsin

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